How to use

How to use Orgpad

This webpage describes the basic functionality of Orgpad, you can try it out on an empty one, or on a filled one. The supported browsers are Firefox and Google Chrome, and it also partially works in Safari (there is some problem with partial loading of images, but it is fixed when you close a while and open it again).

Each Orgpad consists of windows (called whiles) and links between them (called associations). Each while consists of three text boxes, where the first one is displayed by default, the second one by pointing your mouse and the third one by clicking at it. You can use plain text in them and also the basic functionality of HTML (also see this overview), in particular the following I found useful:

You can move around by dragging the background, zoom in and out by the mouse wheel (over the background, inside a while it scrolls up and down the content of the while). To create a new while double click the background. By pressing "show" at the top, you can set up some properties such as colors, size of borders, width, height, etc. You can edit a while by double clicking it, and move it by dragging.

You can select and deselect whiles by choosing Select in the top menu (instead of the default Edit). Then you can apply the functions in the second menu, for instance to remove the selected whiles. If you want to create an association, then select two or three whiles and press Create Association. Then an association is created from the first one to the second one while the third one (if selected) is placed in the middle of the association (displayed by clicking it, so you can specify how they are precisely associated). You can change the properties of an association by double clicking. To remove an association, either remove one of the whiles (you can copy the while first and then remove the original one), or by setting the width of the association to zero.

To save your local modifications, use the save menu. There are two functions "Save" and "Save Deep" and you should try which one works for you. In Google Chrome, "Save" seems to work, in Firefox, you have to use "Save Deep". For the second function, you have to save the newly opened window, not the original webpage. There are some further advance functions which you can explore on your own.

To insert mathematics in LaTeX, the easiest way seems to insert pictures of it using img. To create these pictures, it is possible to use dedicated websites, for instance