Tool for describing your mind


Orgpad (Organization Pad) is a tool which allows you to understand, describe and map your mind. It is a dynamical website which can be modified directly inside. The idea for this tool was developed over years in the seminar of Zdenek Hedrlin at Charles University in Prague, and many students participated on it. The current experimental version is written by Tomáš Bílý and it is supported by Firefox and Google Chrome (and partially Safari). Recently, we are working with Jiří Šejnoha on applications of orgpads in research and education.


New Orgpad: experimental builds are available at

For instructions how to use orgpad, follow How to use, or Návod k použití (in Czech).

List of my orgpads: Below, I list diagrams I have created for my research, education and other purposes. If you want to work with them locally (to modify them, for instance), download the zip files which include subdirectories with figures.

Seznam orgpadů: Níže jsou uvedené orgpady dostupné v čestině. Pro modifikace stáhněte zip soubory, které obsahují i obrázky.